Online Brand Protection on Amazon

A powerful AI-based tool to identify counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers on Amazon.
Get extensive MAP monitoring and violations.

Identify Counterfeit Products

Identify potential counterfeits of your products being sold on Amazon platform

Identify unofficial listings of your products, which you are unaware of
Monitor the unofficial listings, and track their sellers
Receive alerts when the unofficial listings are re-listed

Track Unauthorized Sellers

Identify and closely monitor activities by unauthorized sellers on Amazon

Identify and monitor unauthorized sellers of your official as well as unofficial listings
Receive alerts on new sellers
Manage seller status through a user friendly dashboard

MAP Monitoring and Violations

Closely monitor price variations on your listings and MAP violations

Track and monitor seller-wise price for your products
Receive alerts on MAP Policy violations
Receive alerts on significant deviation from MSRP

Protect your online brand

With our Brand Protector Tool